You are able to select the supplier processing screens by:

clicking on the Supplier dropdown > Transactions, then selecting the document or transaction that you want to process from the list.

When you buy items, whether they are goods or services, from your suppliers, you will use the following documents:

Supplier Purchase Orders: it is optional. A Purchase order is an offer to buy one or more items from a supplier. When you raise a Purchase Order. Note that a Purchase order is not yet a Purchase. When you raise a purchase order, the system does not update any quantity or sales statistics, because there is no supply yet.

Supplier Invoices: When you purchase from a supplier, you process an invoice. An invoice is a document of sale. If you first produced a Purchase Order for the supplier, you can link the purchase order into the invoice and print it without having to redo any data entry.

Supplier Returns: If you return an item you bought for a refund, you process a supplier return. The values you enter into a supplier return will reverse the values you entered into an invoice. The amount you owe the supplier decreases, as do the purchases quantities and purchases values per item.

Supplier Payment: If you pay for your purchase, you will process a supplier payment as proof of payment.

Allocate Payments: This is where you allocate payments to some specific invoices.