Allowed IP Address

What are Allowed IP Addresses?

If you frequently work with sensitive data, you can set up an allowed IP address range for your account. Once this is configured, you can only access your account from that particular IP address. This will block any unsolicited access attempts from any other IP address.

  1. Click Security on your home screen.

  2. Choose Allowed IP address.

  3. Click Add New and enter the range of static IP addresses that are allowed to access your account.

  4. Click Add.

  5. A confirmation message will be displayed. Click Yes.

  6. The IP addresses you entered will be saved, and after signing out from the current session, you will be able to login only from the allowed IP addresses.

Make sure that the IP address you provide is a static IP address. Dynamic addresses change with each session and you might be locked out of your account. To avoid this, please contact your internet service provider to get a static IP address.