1. What are groups?

Groups make it easier for users to connect with their teammates and co-workers. Users can now use their Zoho account to join personal groups. Alternatively, they can also start groups of their own. Employees within the organization can create their own group to communicate with all the members at one go, rather than sending emails individually which becomes too cumbersome. The content in the group is private; which means that documents and other data shared in the group can be accessed only by the group members. Group members also receive notifications by default when any member posts in the group.

2. How do I create a group?

The users in a particular group are generally connected via a shared interest. Creating groups using Zoho is as simple as it can get!

  • Log into your accounts using your email address and password.

  • Click the "Groups" tab on the home screen.

  • Select "Create New Group". Enter a group name of your liking.

  • Provide the details that need to be filled. Add a description for your group (optional), email addresses of the people that you want to invite to join the group, a short message to address the invitees and click Create.

  • The group will be created and when the invitees accept the invitation, you can easily start communicating with them.

  • Similarly, you can join groups by clicking "Group invitations" and accepting invitation requests that people have sent you.