In Zoho CRM, you can import your records using the Import Leads From File feature. Follow these steps to import leads: 

  1. Click the Leads tab.

  2. In the Leads Home page, click Import Leads.  

  3. Select Import Leads From File or Import Leads from Other CRMs.

  1. In the Import Leads page, you can either drag and drop your files, or browse and select the file you want to import.

  2. Select the layout to which you want to import leads.

  3. You can either add new leads, update the existing leads or both.

  4. To avoid duplicates, choose to skip existing leads, based on either Lead ID or Email. 

  5. The fields in your import file get automatically mapped to the corresponding fields in Zoho CRM.

  6. Assign a lead source, lead owner and assign a task for new leads. You can also create a workflow task.

  7. Select the Enable Manual Lead Approval checkbox.

  8. Click Finish.

Note: When you're mapping columns from the import file to the fields in Zoho CRM, you can quickly refer to the sample data for help. Ideally, the first three records from the file are listed as sample data.