Mass email is created and sent to a considerably large group of recipients that may or may not be targeted to any certain demographic or group. Mass email helps to capture as many sales leads as possible. There are several benefits of mass email:

  • Saves time in sending emails individually to customers.

  • Creates new mailing lists based on business requirements.

  • Schedules emails according to a specified time for user convenience.

The mass email feature is available for leads, contacts, deals and all custom modules.

Send and schedule mass email.

  1. Click on the module you want to send the mass email to.

  1. In the module list view page, click on more icon.

3. Click on mass email from the drop down.

4. In the mass email summary page, click create mass email.

5. In the new mass email page, input email details.

6. Select recipients from the drop down list.

7. Select an email template or create a new template.

8. Select the email of the sender.

9. You can either send the email immediately or schedule it for later.

10. To schedule email for later, click the schedule later button, then set the time and date.


To set trigger actions in mass email.

You can set trigger actions like field update, follow-up task or call scheduling when the emails are either opened, clicked or bounced.

Below are few email criterias for which you can set trigger actions:

  • Email is opened or clicked - Whenever a mass email is opened or clicked by the recipient you can set a trigger action like field update, follow-up task or call scheduling.

  • Email is bounced - If a mass email has bounced you can set a trigger action for field update only.

  1. In the follow-up action section, click on trigger an action.

2. Select a trigger from the drop down list.

3. Click on any trigger option from the drop down.

4. Set up the trigger actions.

  1. Action for update fields.

Update Fields - Choose a field that should be updated when the email is opened, clicked or bounced.

I. click configure.

Ii. Choose a field from the drop down and enter corresponding values, then save.

b.Add Follow-up task - Choose this to add a follow-up task to the records for the emails that are opened or clicked.

  1. In the Add Follow-up Task popup, enter the details like subject, due date, status, priority and assigned to.

  2. Click done.

C. Schedule a call - Select this to schedule a call if the email is opened or clicked.

Schedule a call - Select this to schedule a call if the email is opened or clicked.

  1. In the Schedule a call popup, type the subject.

  2. Choose an owner from the drop-down list.

  3. Select the Call start time.

  4. Click done.

5. Details of the follow up action appears like this.

Add follow up emails to mass emails

While sending mass emails to the recipients you can also schedule follow-up emails that can be sent after a defined period of time.

  1. Click on add follow up

2. Specify the criteria for to ignore some contacts from receiving the follow up email and you can also add more criterias by clicking the plus button.

3. Select a template for the follow up email.

4. Select when the follow up email should be sent.

5. The summary displays like this.

You can add more follow up emails by clicking add follow up.

Click on the schedule button to schedule the mass email.

From the Mass Email summary page, you can view the list of emails that are scheduled, sent and stopped.